Instructions and Templates

The surfaces to be covered with the film must be clean and dry. You can use a moist sponge with just a drop of detergent to clean up the surfaces and remove oil or grease left from normal use. Let it dry or use a lint free paper before the application.

Use the closest template to mark and cut the foil. Print the template. Lay down the film using a magazine or similar to cushion it and align over the template. Using a pen or pencil trace the contour on the template to mark the film.

With a scissor cut the film. Peel the backing protection. Apply the film on the handle/surface from one side to the other without pulling the film to avoid excess of tension. The film is rather flexible and will adapt well to curves and shapes.


Door handles

Here you can download the templates for the door handles


Front door handles

Here you can download the templates for the front door handles

other surfaces

Here you can download the templates for diverse surfaces

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