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Martin Chab

Martin Chab


Coming from a family of artists i have developed a passion for all that is related to art, science and technology. Being a very technically oriented and “nerdy” spirit i was always studying physics, electronics, optics, genetics, etc.

When i was young i use to go out to walk Buenos Aires (the mega city where i was raised, full of hidden corners) entering in every shop that caught my attention, asking questions or simply spending hours looking how other people worked in subjects that i wanted to learn, later trying to do it myself (or sometimes asking to stay to help).

That way i learnt, worked or try diverse techniques and materials ranging from metals to plastics and woods, from leather to composites, optics, mechanics, hydraulics, electronics, etc.

I always saw myself as a connector. A person that can solve problems looking from different angles and points of view and using my knowledge of technologies and techniques to arrive to the solution.

Thats how i became an industrial consultant after many years working on my original field: special and visu al effects for cinema. I worked for 6 years associated with Bureau Veritas and BVQI doing consultancy, audits and lecturing all around South America in the field of ISO9000, ISO14000, ISO Guide 25 and Metrology. During that time i owned a calibration laboratory in association with BV.

During my work life I created, designed and built diverse items ranging from a planetarium masking system, musical instruments, food products, industrial machines, alarm systems, special illumination devices for discotheques, etc.

Solvej Rendtorff

Solvej Rendtorff


I joined Martin and VirusShield early 2021, as employee number 2. Excited by the opportunity to build up VirusShield, we agreed to get the product to market and using our complimentary skills to build the partnership and product-line. Having much fun in our day-to-day life and seeing the opportunities around us. The focus is to protect the world from virus and bacteria spreading as well as securing ourselves, loved ones and surroundings.

With my background in Finance, my career path has taken me around the financial sector, working a decade for a well-known established Danish Bank and soon after with an American Hedge Fund, which took me from Singapore to New York with a short stop-over in Australia, Hong Kong, London and Switzerland. I mainly worked within Foreign Exchange and latest in Sales and relationship management in growing directorial positions.

I moved back to Denmark in 2018 to start a family of my own. I continued working as a consultant for an American financial consultancy firm – this allowed me to enjoy family life and still have a connection in finance.


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